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What Do Biden, Harris See in Al Sharpton? Votes

As published in Newsmax

Fifty-seven years after Dr. Martin Luther King’s "I Have a Dream" speech, several thousand people gathered at the August 28 "Get Your Knee Off Our Necks" rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

The event was organized by the Rev. Al Sharpton, who admonished America, "We need to have a conversation about your racism, about your bigotry, about your hate, about how you would put your knee on our neck."

Sharpton is the very antithesis of everything Dr. King stood for.

So then, why he is a hero to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?

The 1987 Tawana Brawley rape hoax in upstate New York introduced Sharpton to the public and exposed him as someone less than truthful who thrived on fueling racial conflict.

For months, Sharpton promoted the 15-year-old Black teenager’s story of abduction and rape by a group of white men. "We have the facts and the evidence that an assistant district attorney, Steven Pagones, and a state trooper did this," said Sharpton, claiming a massive cover-up. A grand jury found that Ms. Brawley had fabricated her story.

Pagones, whose life had fallen apart because of the accusation, subsequently and successfully sued Sharpton for defamation.

During the Crown Heights race riots of 1991, Sharpton led a march in which participants burned an Israeli flag and called for the death of Jews.

At the funeral of a Black child whose accidental death by a Jewish driver started the riots, Sharpton delivered a eulogy. Against the backdrop of a banner reading, "Hitler did not do the job," Sharpton invoked the age-old anti-Semitic trope about an international Jewish conspiracy of money and power, and accused the Jewish residents of practicing "apartheid."

In 1995, the "preacher" again organized protests, this time in Harlem against a Jewish tenant of Freddy’s Fashion Mart, who had asked his Black sublet to vacate.

Rev. Al’s protesters referred to Jews as "bloodsuckers" and threatened "to burn and loot the Jews." Sharpton told protesters, "We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business."

Sharpton’s actions inspired one of his compatriots to shoot shoppers and set the store ablaze, resulting in seven murders.

Sharpton has had many opportunities over the years to apologize for his major role in these events, but he never has. "You only repent when you mean it, and I have done nothing wrong," he insisted.

Since 1993, Sharpton has publicly associated himself with the anti-Semitic, anti-white, and homophobic Louis Farrakhan. Defiantly, he proclaimed, "We will stand together. Not in some private midnight meeting . . . but in the daylight. . . . Don’t ask who don’t like it; we love it!"

Sharpton claims he’s against anti-Semitism, but he supports known anti-Semites Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., and Tamika Mallory, an American activist, in addition to Farrakhan, and has never condemned the rise in hate crimes against New York’s Orthodox Jews.

Rev. Sharpton figures that progressives, even Jewish Democrats, will forgive and forget.

And they have.

This is the Democrats’ primary civil rights spokesperson, their heir to the mantle of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

You would think that Sharpton’s history as perhaps the most consistent race-monger of the last half-century would bother them, but you’d be wrong.

When President Barack Obama needed someone to run interference for him with the black community, he mainstreamed Sharpton as his "go-to man on race."

Sharpton visited the Obama White House 72 times.

Robert Woodson, Black civil rights and community leader and founder of the Woodson Center, describes Sharpton as "a race grievance profiteer" and the D.C. march as "a legacy lost."

Woodson explained that, contrary to Martin Luther King's belief in America and its foundational principles, the 2020 event was "a full-throated condemnation" of our country.

Sharpton and other speakers used "the moral authority of the civil rights movement and Dr. King as a bludgeon" to blame white America for blacks’ failure to take advantage of the opportunities Dr. King and others helped create.

In his Nobel Peace Prize Lecture, Dr. King declared, "Violence, as a way of achieving racial justice, is both impractical and immoral."

Tell that to Al Sharpton and the Black Lives Matter mobs destroying our towns and cities.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who speaks regularly with Sharpton, and vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris endorsed Sharpton’s recent rally.

Underneath the veneer of respectability, Mr. Sharpton remains unapologetic.

Al Sharpton actually is, as Mr. Trump tweeted, "a con man (and) a troublemaker, always looking for a score."

Democrats rushed to Sharpton’s defense. Biden tweeted, "@TheRevAl is a champion in the fight for civil rights." Harris added, "@TheRevAl has spent his life fighting for what’s right and working to improve our nation, even in the face of hate."

Biden and Harris know how to rewrite history.

The obscene incongruity of Al Sharpton leading a rally honoring the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., and the Democrats’ embrace of the perversion, is truly one for the books.

So why is Sharpton a hero to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? It’s all about the votes, baby.

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