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Palestinians Insist All They Want Is A 'Two-State Solution.' Don't Believe It For A Seco

After learning that Palestinian terrorists slaughtered four Israeli Jews and maimed 16 others in Tel Aviv earlier this month, Palestinians celebrated the barbarous act by marching, distributing candies and exploding fireworks. They tweeted “#We broke the fast killing them,” referring to the two gunmen who ended their Ramadan Fast by killing Israelis. Such macabre behavior is reminiscent of Palestinians rejoicing after 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing. Theirs is a culture that revels in violence and celebrates death.

The official Facebook page for Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party referred to the Israeli victims gunned down in Tel Aviv as “settlers.” Referring to a video of the shooting, Fatah’s comment read: “Video shoot at the moment of performing the process of killing 3 settlers.”

In honor of the March stabbing attack in southern Tel Aviv, Fatah’s official Facebook page posted a drawing of a knife held over a map of “Palestine” that included all of Israel, the disputed territories, and Jerusalem. Note the official PA TV’s description of the victims: “A complex operation was carried out in Jaffa…by the Martyr Bashar Masalha…in which 12 settlers were hurt.”

So why is it that these Tel Aviv victims are called “settlers?” It’s obvious that Palestinians view all Jewish Israelis and any other non-Arabs living in Israel as “settlers” who are stealing land that the Palestinians claim as their own.

An April 2016 op-ed in the official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, made this very clear: “All of Israel is occupied Palestine.” In a March 2016 interview on official PA TV, Abbas affirms in Arabic the Palestinian belief that all of Israel is part of the occupation of Arab land, stating, “We have been under occupation for 67 or 68 years.” The PA Mufti, in March 2015, opined that Israel is sacred Muslim land and must be destroyed because “the land of Palestine (that includes Israel) is waqf,” an inalienable religious endowment in Islamic law. “It must not be relinquished.”

If the Palestinians wanted a state alongside Israel, they could have had one in 1947, 2000, 2001 and 2008. After Israel unilaterally left Gaza in 2005, they had a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians destroyed the infrastructure Israel left behind and elected Hamas. Israel hoped the Palestinians would create an economy and viable nation. But the result was nothing more than a military outpost for Iran.

The Arabs and their Western supporters say that terrorism against Jews began with the 1967 “occupation.” Anti-Jewish terrorism began well before 1967 — well before 1948 when the UN voted to partition the Mandate for Palestine into two states, one Arab and the other Jewish. The Arabs have employed violence against their Jewish neighbors for the last century, murdering, raping, beheading, and terrorizing those they viewed as infidels and interlopers.

After the founding of the state of Israel, Arab nations — Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Yemen — in effect, ethnically cleansed their countries of Jews. They implemented campaigns of massive human rights violations against their Jewish citizens, expropriating property, arresting, torturing and murdering, to expel almost 1 million Jews who, for centuries, had called those countries home. Now, Mahmoud Abbas, who said in Cairo in 2013, “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli — civilian or soldier — on our lands,” wants to finish the job by ethnically cleansing the last 6 million Israeli Jews from the Middle East.

How many Facebook posts, statements by Palestinian leaders and Imams, school textbooks claiming Israeli cities as “Palestinian,” and maps replacing Israel with “Palestine” will it take to convince the West that the Palestinians’ end game is the total elimination of the Jewish state?

In public statements in English, Abbas claims he supports the two-state solution, while in Arabic he defines Palestine as including all of Israel. Former Hamas government spokesman Ihab al-Ghussein explains on his Facebook page that Abbas bragged, “These words are meant to trick the Americans.” Apparently, they have.

What will it take for the West to reject its delusions and realize that the Palestinians want not only Jerusalem, but also Tel Aviv, Haifa, Safed, Beersheba and everything in between, “from the River to the Sea?”

They want it all.

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