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Terrorism in Paris and Jerusalem: One and the Same

As Published in The Times of Israel.

January 19, 2015.

Do France and Europe understand that the Islamic terrorists who killed the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo and slaughtered the four Jewish men at the Paris Hyper Casher supermarket are the same as the Islamic jihadists that have been killing Israelis for years?

Muslim terrorism against Jews in France and Europe is not new. In 2004, Sebastien Sellam was killed by a Muslim who claimed that the murder earned him a place in paradise. Ilan Halimi, a 23-year-old French Jew, was kidnapped, tortured and murdered by Islamic radicals in Paris in January 2006. In 2012, an Islamic terrorist murdered three school children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse. In Bulgaria in 2012, Hezbollah killed 5 Israeli tourists. An Islamic State jihadist killed 4 people at a Jewish museum in Brussels in 2014.

Islamic terrorism against the Jews in Israel has a long and bloody history. The attacks against innocent Jewish civilians are too numerous to mention in their entirety, but here are a few. On Feb. 25, 1996, Hamas blew up Jerusalem bus No. 1, killing 26 civilians. On January 1, 2001, Hamas slaughtered 60 Israelis at a wedding celebration in Netanya. The Sbarro restaurant massacre by Hamas at a pizzeria in downtown Jerusalem on Aug. 9, 2001, took the lives of 15 civilians, including 7 children and a pregnant woman, with 130 wounded. On Jan. 5, 2003, 23 Israelis were murdered at the Tel Aviv central bus station by Fatah, Al Aqsa Brigades and Palestine Islamic Jihad. On Aug. 3, 2004, two buses in Beersheba were bombed by Hamas and 16 Israelis were murdered. The October 26, 2005, Hadera bus bombing by Palestine Islamic Jihad killed 7. Fast forward to 2014. Naftali Frankel, age16, Gilad Shaar, age 16, and Eyal Yifracah, age 19, were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas in June. Four rabbis were hacked to death by Palestinian jihadists in a Jerusalem synagogue only two months ago.

Where were the solidarity marches? Where were the world leaders walking together in Jerusalem in support of Israel and against terrorism?

When Islamic terrorists attack Paris, the world rallies around Paris. When Islamic terrorists attack Jews in Israel, the world is silent or attacks Israel as somehow complicit. It is doubtful that 1.5 million French people and 40 world leaders would have been in Paris on Sunday had the Islamists merely targeted the people shopping in the kosher market on Friday prior to Shabbat. They were only Jews.

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