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People Aren't Hiding or Cloaking Antisemitism: We Should Worry

As published in Newsmax.

April 2, 2024.

In a chilling example of blaming the victim, the Oct. 7 Palestinian massacre of Israeli civilians has elicited a global explosion of Jew-hatred.

People aren’t hiding their antisemitism or cloaking it in coded words. Shouting it out loud, they proudly wear it as a badge of honor. Today, bigotry against Jews is virtue signaling.

As of early January, the Anti-defamation League reported more than 3200 U.S. antisemitic incidents since Oct. 7 — a new record!

Skyrocketing antisemitism is manifesting itself in multiple forms.

Even before Israel’s defensive military campaign in Gaza began, university students and professors, together with other left-wingers at home and abroad, began proclaiming their support for the genocidal Hamas savages and promoting a global intifada to maim and kill Jewish people wherever they are found.

Characterizing the rapes, mutilations, murders and taking of hostages as acts of Palestinian "resistance," they blame Israel for Hamas’s crimes.

They disrupt classrooms and libraries, attack Jewish students and vandalize school property, chanting slogans like "Zionism is Genocide" and "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" — calling for the destruction of Israel, where half the world’s Jews live.

Before the blood was dry in southern Israel, Cornell professor Russell Rickford publicly extolled the Palestinian barbarity as "exhilarating" and "energizing," while Columbia professor Joseph Massad called it "awesome" and a "stunning victory."

At Origins High School in Brooklyn, New York, Hitler-emulating hooligans hung swastikas and terrorized Jewish teachers and classmates.

Signs reading "gas the Jews" have appeared on roadways in multiple Maine towns.

People at a rally in Sydney, Australia chanted the same message.

Chicago Black Lives Matter posted an image glorifying the Hamas paragliders who murdered 300 young people at an Israeli music festival.

In New York, London and around the world, posters of Israeli children held hostage by Hamas are being torn down.

West Point Chairman of Urban Warfare Studies John Spencer, after viewing the Israeli-compiled film of the Palestinian atrocities taken from Hamas videos and cameras, observed, "I have never seen so many evil men (thousands) show such joy in committing their acts."


On campuses and city streets, protesters are bursting with a visceral, fanatical exuberance.

Crowds rally to support murder, mutilation, raping, immolation, torture and other atrocities too gruesome to imagine, let alone doing so with jubilation and euphoria — as they disrupt traffic, block bridges and spray-paint antisemitic slurs on synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses.

The bigots enjoy the intense bonding with like-minded haters and the thrill of joining a mob to dehumanize, demonize and demoralize Jewish people.

Look at their faces.

Hamas intends for Israel to kill Gazans, as many as possible; that’s why they use civilian human shields. The propaganda value of a dead Palestinian child is far greater than that of a dead Israeli.

They know that the biased, complicit media that downplayed or ignored the massacres of hundreds of thousands of civilians in Syria, Yemen and Sudan, will promote their Israel-hating narrative, replete with bogus death statistics and manipulated claims of starvation.

This relentless negative reporting falsely accuses Israel of inflicting the maximum number of civilian deaths and targeting children.

Palestinian strategy is working: The most moral army in the history of the world is falsely portrayed as the evil butcher of Palestinian innocents.

The goal: Force Israel to halt its military campaign and secure a critical Palestinian victory in its religious war to exterminate the Jews.

Antisemitism reinvented itself throughout history, adapting to each era’s circumstances, always using the Jews as society’s scapegoat, ''evil manipulators'' supposedly wielding their vast powers to harm humanity.

More than 80% of Americans currently support Israel. However, the far more vocal and organized Jew-hatred on the left is the overarching danger.

The left controls the media, our educational and cultural institutions and a significant segment of the Democratic Party and is intent on abandoning and destroying the Jewish state — and with it, the Jewish people. Currently, the far-right’s antisemitism has been marginalized to the fringes of society.

Antisemitism on the left springs from its neo-Marxist ideology that defines Jews as white supremacists oppressing black and brown people in America and the Mideast.

Palestinian jihadists are transformed into "virtuous" "people of color" whose behavior is morally justified.

Palestinians, a "nation" invented by the Soviets in the 1960s, are re-imagined as the indigenous people of the Holy Land while Jews, having lived there for more than 4000 years, are now colonialist oppressors espousing a supposedly "racist" Zionism promoting the re-establishment of a sovereign state for Jews in their ancient homeland.

Bigots choose to believe these lies to justify their behavior.

Today, we are in territory frighteningly similar to 1930s Europe and Germany.

As shocking as it is true, we are witnessing the beginning of a dangerous replay of a uniquely evil chapter in human history.

Can it be stopped before it plays out to a devastating conclusion? That’s up to us.


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