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Do Palestinians Want a 'Final Solution'?

As published in Newsmax.

December 13, 2023.

(Editor's note: The following column contains graphic descriptions of events, which some readers may find disturbing.)

In the spirit of Itbah al-Yahud (slaughter the Jews), shouting Allahu Akbar (Allah is greatest), Hamas terrrorists massacred innocent Israeli citizens, many asleep in their beds, in the early morning hours of Oct. 7.

Just as it was with the Nazis, killing Jews is a sacred mission for these genocidal fanatics.

More than 1200 people, the equivalent of almost 45,000 Americans based on population were slaughtered.

The dead included 300 young Israelis at a peace concert.

This crime against humanity was premeditated, systematic and targeted.

Hamas sought to torture, mutilate, rape, immolate and murder as many Jews as possible, including children, pregnant women and the elderly.

They took 240 mostly civilian hostages, including children.

With unimaginable sadism, they perpetrated horrific acts including reports of roasting a live baby in an oven, beheading infants in front of their parents and tearing an unborn child from the mother's womb before killing her.

After Hamas commanders gave orders to humiliate and "subjugate" Israeli women before murdering them, their terror squads cut off breasts and female genitalia and raped women until their pelvises broke.

This ferocious, diabolical behavior, the worst mass killing of Jews since the Holocaust, inevitably elicits a comparison with the Nazis' "final solution." Many in Israel call Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar "a little Hitler hiding in his bunker."

The goal of the Nazis was to exterminate world Jewry.

Hamas, their ideological compatriots, desire to cleanse the Mideast of all Jews.

Palestinians dehumanize Jews as "apes and pigs," while the Nazis called them "rats and vermin."

Similar to the Hitler Youth group, Palestinian children are taught to murder and die killing Jews.

Nazis sought world domination by their master Aryan race. Palestinians believe in Islamic supremacy and the religious obligation to create a Judenfrei caliphate.

However, whereas the Nazis went to great lengths to hide their crimes from the world, Hamas publicizes their slaughter on social media because they believe this carnage is Allah's divine will as expressed in the Quran and other religious documents.

Nazi leadership, believing it lacked universal popular support for the "final solution," ordered their lieutenants to "never speak about it in public."

Although they believed Jewish extermination was a "page of glory in our history," photographs of Nazis murdering Jews were taken for private enjoyment rather than public consumption. Palestinians, however, openly call for the extermination of every single Israeli Jew.

According to historian Andrew Roberts, Nazi barbarism was routine and widespread, but it wasn't built into their actual operational plans as is Hamas's sadism. Rape was forbidden by Nazi military regulations, but it was an official Hamas policy on Oct. 7.

On GoPro videos, the glee with which Palestinians killed parents in front of their children and children in front of their parents is horrifying. Palestinians knew Israel would capture their videos, but looked forward to their public display as instruments of terror and sources of sadistic pleasure.

The Nazis took hostages to ensure the compliance of the local population, but even they did not take nine-month-old babies and octogenarians.

The Hamas Covenant declares "the Palestinian problem is a religious problem." Muslims are commanded by Allah to conduct jihad against the Jews. Islam will destroy Israel because "Palestine is an Islamic land" and the "individual duty of every Muslim" is to liberate it.

Hamas leader Khaled Mashal said in 2015, "There is no peace. Only the path of jihad, sacrifice and blood." Religion demands genocide.

Arab killers shouted the Shahadah, the Islamic declaration of faith, while videoing their heinous acts. One young murderer proudly told his parents he killed ten Jews and received their praise.

Palestinian religious, academic, and political elites quote passages from the Quran and supplemental religious documents which incite a virulent hatred of Jews as the "cursed enemy of Allah" and of every Muslim.

Similar to the Nazis, these passages portray Jews as evil, an existential danger to humanity, and command Muslims to fight (jihad), subjugate and kill them. Judgement Day can only come when Muslims exterminate the Jews.

On Oct. 7, Gazans took to the streets, joyous at the orgy of Jewish bloodshed and eager to abuse those taken captive. West Bank Palestinians celebrated the Jewish murders no less exuberantly, even without the visceral pleasure of spitting on and beating Israeli hostages. In a street rally in the West Bank, weeks into the Gaza War, many chanted, "Whoever has a rifle, shoot a Jew."

In a post-Oct. 7 poll of Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza, 75% support the murder, raping, mutilating and kidnapping of Israeli civilians. Ninety-eight percent said the slaughter made them feel "prouder of their identity as Palestinians," and 78% want to destroy Israel and replace it with a Palestinian state.

This reveals a clear-cut portrait of a genocidal, morally depraved society bent on exterminating its Jewish neighbors, not a people interested in coexistence and peace.

Hamas official Ghazi Hamad declared, "We will do this again and again," referring to the genocide. The goal is the annihilation of Israel.

Fatah official Jibril Rajoub, a possible replacement for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, recently promised "an explosion in the West Bank more violent" than Hamas's October 7 attack.

This fanaticism is evil — as are those who justify this depravity and enable it to exist.


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